Aluminium Plate

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Aluminium Plate 3mm China

Aluminum Plate specification information

1. Aluminum Plate thickness: 1.0 - 4.0mm, among which the largest user of aluminum plate 3mm.

2. Width: 900mm-1500mm

3. Alloy row number: 1060, 1100/3003/8011

4. Status: H14/H16/H18/H22/H24/O

 Aluminium Plate 3mm Sample chart

Aluminium Plate 3mm Sample chart

Aluminium Plate introduction

  Aluminium plate China plates enjoy a good reputation in the world, and many foreign customers are attracted to the market and have driven domestic sales and export markets. The Source of Food as an aluminum plate supplier in China, mainly produce and aluminum plate for sale, specialized in the production of 1.0-4.0mm thick aluminum plate with a width of 900mm-1500mm, and the row number is 1060/1100/3003/8011 is available for selection, the aluminum plate3mm  is sells best of them. These row numbers have their own suitable uses.

Aluminium Plate

Aluminum plate for various models:

  Most of the 1100s are used for heat sinks, caps, printing plates and some building materials.3003 is suitable for the production of heat sinks, cosmetic boards, copier drums and marine materials. 8011 is suitable for roof decoration. 1060 is widely used in products with low requirements on strength. The products are often used for billboards, exterior decoration of buildings, bus bodies, high-rise building and factory wall decoration, lamp holders, electronic parts, chemical instruments, thin-plate processing parts, and clock surfaces, Plates, nameplates, kitchenware, etc. Among these products, the aluminium plate 3mm is the most popular among customers and accounts for 70 percent of the aluminium plate for sale market.

Aluminium Plate Process Flow Chart:

Aluminium Plate 3mm Production Flow Chart Aluminium Plate 3mm Production Flow Chart

Introduction of Aluminum plate use and type

  Aluminum plate China are widely used because of their own characteristics. The vehicles we use on a daily basis are made of aluminum plates. Aluminum plates are also widely used in construction and decoration. Some of the daily utensils, household items and even air conditioners we use are manufactured. Since the establishment of the company, our product specifications are complete, quality assurance, with a variety of high strength and high strength aluminum alloy cutting performance, the main production and export aluminum plate, aluminum foil and aluminum coils, Including embossed aluminum plate, aluminum circular plate, curtain wall aluminum roll,  color coated aluminum coil, hydrophilic aluminum foil and aluminum foil container are available to customers, the best selling among the aluminum plates is a thickness of 3mm.

Aluminium Plate China Uses

Aluminum plate China uses

Aluminum plate China uses

Packaging and Transportation

  In order to avoid scratches on the products brought to customers, we adopted the most conservative way to package aluminum plate, use bubble bags to separate them in layers, and then mount them on the outside wooden shelves to ensure that the aluminum plates are not damaged during transportation. There are many options for our transportation methods. The company is located near the Longhai Railway, National Highway 310, and the Lianhuo Expressway. The transportation is very convenient.

  Aluminum Plate 3mm Packaging and Transportation

 Aluminium Plate 3mm Packaging and Transportation

Our service tenet:

  In the process of advancement and development, we have always placed the interests of our customers at the top of ours. Bringing quality products and services to customers is the principle we always adhere to. Each of our products is produced and presented to customers. After hundreds of trials and improvements, the company has promoted the rapid development of the company with a good reputation. Its product sales range covers the whole world and it has received the support and love from our customers.

Aluminum Plate China Sales Area

aluminium plate are recognized by customers

aluminium plate are recognized by customers

Aluminum Plate China Certificate of Honor

Aluminum Plate China Certificate of Honor


Company Profile

  China Source of Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, the company mainly produces and sale aluminum plates. As we all know, aluminum plate China have always enjoyed a good reputation in the world. Our aluminum plate 3mm are also loved by many foreign customers.Our company located in Henan Province, Zhengzhou, Gongyi, Middle of Heluo Road, with convenient transportation. The company occupies 5,000 square meters and has 200 employees. Our company is aluminum plate suppliers And aluminum foil suppliers, the total annual export volume reached 50 million. Our company has now obtained ISO high quality certification and European Union CE certification, and is the leader in Henan aluminum sheet production industry.

Aluminium Plate 3mm Supplier

Aluminium Plate 3mm Supplier

 Source of Food thanks to the old and new customers for their support and love, If you want to learn more about various information about aluminum plate, please email us with the contact details below, we will quickly answer your questions.

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