Colored Aluminum Plate

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Color coated aluminum plate sample display   

Colored aluminum plate information:

Colored aluminum coil thickness: 0.2mm-4.0mm
Width: 300mm-1500mm
Alloy row number: 1060/1100/3003/8011
Status: H14/H16/H18/H22/H24/O

Colored aluminum plate product display

Colored aluminum plate product display

colored aluminum foil sheets product display


Color Coated Aluminum Coil Product Introduction:

Because of the rich color range of color coated aluminum sheet, whether you are applying it to residential houses or large-scale exhibition centers, Colored aluminum plate can add color to these buildings. It also has good plasticity and mechanical processing properties, so it has become an ideal material for various architectural shapes. It is especially suitable for the decoration and display of indoor, outdoor decoration, commercial chain, exhibition advertisements, etc. in public places. Color coated aluminum coil is currently the most popular new material, and this trend also makes the colour coated aluminium coil.

Colored aluminum plate use display

Colored aluminum plate use display

Colored aluminum foil sheets use display

Colored aluminum foil sheets use display

 Color coated aluminum plate range of use:

 The color coated aluminum coil is very stable and not easily corroded, and therefore it is the ideal material for architectural modeling and is favored by architects and designers. Regardless of what kind of new construction, color coated aluminum sheet can always meet the different requirements of different buildings, the building dressed colorful is the most popular new profile. Therefore, colour coated aluminium coil production is widely used in electronic appliances, instruments, lighting, packaging, home improvement and other fields.

Color coated aluminum plate production technology process:

Color coated aluminum coil production technology process

Color coated aluminum coil packaging and transportation:

We are committed to giving our customers a good shopping experience. The perfect product is the foundation of everything. To ensure that the product is intact during transportation, we use the most traditional sealing method to pack our products and avoid friction during transportation. And to bring flaws to the product. A large part of our color coated aluminum coil for sale to abroad, so we have a wide range of transportation methods including shipping, road transport, and rail transportation, and we have professional delivery and packing personnel to ensure the fastest possible speed of products. Delivered to your hands.

Packaging and transportation of colored aluminum plates for sale

Packaging and transportation of colored aluminum sheets for sale

Packaging and transportation of colored aluminum foil sheets for sale

Color coated aluminum coil sellers received honorary certificates

Colored aluminum plate sellers received honorary certificates


Company Profile:

Source of Food was established in 2003. It specializes in the production and sale of colored aluminum plate. It is located in China, Henan Province, Zhengzhou, Gongyi, Middle of Heluo Road. It is located in the south of the Lu Mountain, the Yellow River in the north, the Linhai Railway, the National Highway 310, and the Lianhuo Expressway. Transportation is very convenient. Our company is the largest in Gongyi County and occupies an area of 5,000 mu. We have more than 200 professional and technical operators to ensure that our customers can get the goods in the shortest possible time.Now we have obtained domestic ISO high quality certification and EU CU certification. The quality of our products is worth every customer's confidence.

Color coated aluminum coil production base

Colored aluminum platel production base


Colored aluminum foil sheets production team

Service philosophy:

We have been adhering to the concept of good faith management and sincerely cooperate with every customer. We constantly improve ourselves during the development process. We learn new technical knowledge just to give our customers better quality products. Our colored aluminum sheets for sale also sell to abroad,   to foreign countries, our sales staff patiently communicate with customers, provide good services to customers and bring a good purchasing experience, and always put the interests of customers to the forefront of our development.


Color coated aluminum coil for sale to abroad

Colored aluminum plate for sale to abroad

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Source of Food is not only the production of colored aluminum plate, but also produces a variety of other aluminum products, including aluminum plate, aluminum foil, hydrophilic aluminum foils , embossed aluminum plate, aluminum circular plate and Aluminium Coil Sheet, etc. There are various alloy types and alloy states available for customers to choose from. You need to colored aluminum foil sheets please contact us by following the contact details below.

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