Curtain Wall Aluminum Roll

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Curtain Wall Aluminum plate Samples

Curtain Wall Aluminum Roll Specification Information:
1. Aluminum Plate thickness: 1.0 - 4.0mm, among which the largest user of aluminum plate 3mm.
2. Width: 900mm-1500mm
3. Alloy row number: 1060, 1100/3003/8011
4. Status: H14/H16/H18/H22/H24/O

Curtain Wall Aluminum plate Samples

Curtain Wall Aluminum Coil Samples


Curtain wall aluminum roll information:

Curtain wall aluminum roll are now developing more and more rapidly, and most of the construction engineers use curtain wall aluminum plateto complete the beautification and decoration work of housing construction. Because of their unique texture, rich and lasting color is widely used by people. Moreover, the appearance of the curtain wall aluminum coil can be diversified, and it can be perfectly combined with the glass curtain wall material and the stone curtain wall material. Its perfect appearance and excellent quality make it much more attractive to owners.

Curtain wall aluminum roll application scope display

Curtain wall aluminum roll application scope display


Curtain wall aluminum roll packaging and transport:

In order to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the product made of aluminum curtain wall, we package our products in a sealed manner to avoid the damage to the aluminum surface of the curtain wall due to friction during transportation. Many of our curtain wall aluminum coil are sold abroad. We have professional packaging and transportation teams to package the goods and deliver the goods to customers in the quickest speed. Our transportation methods include marine transportation, road transportation and rail transportation. You can definitely receive the curtain wall aluminum plate within the expected time.

Curtain Wall Aluminum Coil Package Transportation

 Curtain Wall Aluminum Plate Package Transportation

Curtain wall aluminum coil technical process:

Curtain wall aluminum coil production technology process

Curtain wall aluminum plate production technology process

Service philosophy:

We have been sincerely working with every customer in line with the concept of good faith management, and always put the interests of customers to the forefront in the development process. In the process of development, we constantly learn new knowledge and technology to enhance ourselves and want to bring more products to our customers. Our sales staff will patiently solve problems for every customer who comes to the consultation and give you a good purchasing experience.

 Foreign customers buying curtain wall aluminum plate

Foreign customers buying curtain wall aluminum coil

Company Profile:

Source of Food was established in 2003 and is located in the middle section of Heluo Road, Gongyi City, Henan Province, China. It is a professional manufacturer of aluminum curtain wall plate and aluminum plate. Our company covers an area of ​​5,000 square kilometers and is the largest manufacturer of curtain wall aluminum coil in Zhengzhou City. It has more than 200 professional production techniques and operating workers. At present, our products have obtained domestic high-quality ISO certification and EU CU certification. Our products have been well-received by customers since they are listed. Our overseas curtain wall aluminum plate can achieve an annual sales volume of 50 million.

Purchase curtain wall aluminum plate production site 

Purchase curtain wall aluminum coil production site

Curtain wall aluminum plate manufacturer's certificate of honor

Curtain wall aluminum coil manufacturer's certificate of honor

Curtain wall aluminum roll related products:

In fact, in addition to the increasing popularity of aluminum curtain wall, there are a lot of aluminum products that are popular with people because of their wide application. The Source of Food as a producer of aluminum products, in addition to the production and sale of curtain wall aluminum plate and curtain wall coil now popular, as well as aluminum plate, aluminum coil sheet and aluminum foil series, such as embossed aluminum plate, color coated aluminum coil, hydrophilic aluminum foil and  light aluminum foil container etc. They are loved by people because of their versatility.

Curtain wall aluminum plate related products 

Curtain wall aluminum coil related products

Aluminum curtain wall are used by architects for construction and decoration because of their own characteristics. As a supplier of aluminum curtain wall panels, we guarantee that our curtain wall aluminum plate are made of the best materials. If you need curtain wall aluminum coil to decorate your house, please send us an email at the following contact details. Our sales staff will carefully answer your questions.

If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our

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