Aluminum Circular Plate

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Aluminum circular plate sample display 


Aluminum Circular Plate product introduction:

  Aluminium Circular Plate is a kind of products produced through deep processing of aluminum plate. The market demand is increasing day by day. Most domestically produced aluminium discs circle are exported to all over the world. The surface of the aluminium discs circle is bright and beautiful, and it can be shaped and made into the containers we use everyday. Aluminum discs circle are also widely used in electrical, thermal insulation, mechanical manufacturing, construction and even aerospace industries. The kitchen utensils and hardware used in our daily use, such as lampshades and water heater enclosures, are made of aluminum circular plates.

aluminium discs circle sample chart

aluminium round discs sample chart

aluminium round discs sample chart

Aluminum circular plate applicable scope:

The aluminum circular plate may sound strange to everyone. In fact, it is ubiquitous in our lives. It is applied in various fields of industry, from small parts to small parts that we use everyday, to being used in aerospace and On the military side, we now have the participation of aluminium discs circle in food, food and housing. It is not indispensable for us to look at its small but large use. Can be used to manufacture lamps, cooking utensils, road signs, some aluminum containers, capacitor aluminum shell blanks and so on. produced from aluminium round discs have good heat dissipation, do not rust, have a light material, and have a long service life. The demand for aluminium discs circle on the market is increasing, and aluminum circle suppliers also follow suit.

 Aluminum circular plate production technology process:

Aluminum round discs production technology process

Aluminum round discs production technology process

 Aluminum round plate packaging and transportation:

Our aluminum circular plate are also very popular in overseas markets. To ensure that the products you receive are intact, we use bubble bags to separate them in layers, and then mount them on the outside wooden shelves to ensure The process will not damage the surface gloss of the product due to friction. Our company is adjacent to Lianhuo Expressway and another railway line, and we have a special delivery person to ship. There are three modes of transportation: ocean, road and railway. Whether you are domestic or foreign, we guarantee that the goods will be delivered within the agreed time.

 Aluminum discs circle  packaging and transportation modeAluminum discs circle  packaging and transportation mode

honor certificate:

Aluminum circle suppliers honorary certificate

Our service concept:

As a aluminum circle suppliers,Source of Food has always been adhering to the concept of good faith management. We have always put the interests of our customers in the forefront of our development during the development process, and we constantly improve our own production technology and service awareness. Bringing quality products and a good buying experience to customers has always been our goal. 

Aluminum Circular Plate Suppliers and Indonesian Customers

 Aluminum Circular Plate Suppliers and Congo Customers

Company Profile:

Source of Food originated in 2003, is a professional supplier of aluminum circular plate products have always been loved by the majority of customers. In addition, we also have many other aluminum products, such as aluminum sheet series, aluminum coil series, etc., which is also one of our hot products. Our factory is located in the middle section of Luohe Road, Gongyi, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It is located in the Central Plains and has convenient transportation. The company is located in the Longhai Railway, National Highway 310, and near the Huo Expressway. Transportation is very convenient. The company's plant covers an area of 5,000 square meters and is the largest aluminum plate producer in Gongyi, producing up to 200 workers. The total volume of export of aluminium discs circle 50 million. Now it has obtained ISO high quality certification and EU CE certification.

Aluminum round discs production base

Aluminum circle suppliers working environment

Aluminum discs circle production plant

Other related aluminum products:


Other products produced by aluminum circle suppliers

Other products produced by aluminum circle suppliers

The Source of Food is not just the aluminum circle suppliers, as the largest manufacturer of aluminum products in Gongyi, there are many hot products we operate, such as aluminum plate 3mm, color coated aluminum coil, aluminum coils, aluminum foil, and hydrophilic aluminum foil that we are familiar with. Embossed aluminum plate and so on, are all products that are loved by customers. If you need aluminium discs circle please contact us in the following ways.




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